Construction Insurance

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Construction Insurance (also known as Contract Works Insurance) covers damage to a building project during the course of construction from unexpected events such as fire, storm, malicious damage, impact damage to theft of materials from the site. You can choose from a range of cover options that suit the unique needs of your project and protect you from major contingencies before, during and after completion of the job.

The policy is available for both annual contract works and single projects.


Annual Project Insurance

Annual Project Insurance can operate in either one of two ways. The first, Turnover (Transfer) basis, provides cover for damage occurring at the job site of any covered project during the period of insurance. The second, Run-Off basis, provides cover for damage occurring at the job site of projects commencing during the period of insurance. A consultation with our expert team will help you understand which is best for you.


Single Project Insurance

This covers a particular project from commencement through to completion of the project.


Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance provides cover for property damage and personal injury claims for which you are legally liable in connection with the construction work and is essential to those managing the construction process.