Marine Cargo Insurance

Find out about our Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance is essential for businesses that rely on the movement and transportation of goods. It covers both local and national transporting of goods and international imports and exports in the event of damage or loss caused by unexpected events. We have a wide range of policy options that ensure your goods and operations are secure.


Imports and Exports Insurance

Imports and Exports Insurance covers goods in transit for manufacturers, importers and exporters, logistics companies and more moving across oceans or international borders. It encompasses the safe transport of materials in all forms, whether port to port, warehouse to warehouse, or from raw material to finished product.


Inland Transit Insurance

Inland Transit Insurance is tailored to provide protection for pure domestic transit movements, warehouse, storage, exhibition, processing or consolidation risks.


Carrier Liability Insurance

Carrier Liability Insurance is designed to cover carriers for legal liability regarding compensation for loss or damage to goods. Accidental damage cover or specified perils cover for goods is available under carrier liability insurance.


Marine Liability Insurance

Marine Liability Insurance incorporates a wide range of policy options to protect those who support the marine industry through the successful transport, logistics, handling and storage of goods. It’s suitable for people such as transportation companies, vessel charterers, pilots and marine contractors, and terminal operators and port authorities.