Christmas Greetings from Eternity Insurance Services Team

Christmas Greetings from Eternity Insurance Services Team

We’re quickly heading to the end of another year and we can’t believe how quickly 2018 has gone. It’s been a great year for the Eternity Insurance Services and we’re proud to celebrate some great successes on behalf of our clients.

Our dedicated team have fulfilled our promise of offering professional advice, valuable products and personal service all year. We’ve helped countless individuals and businesses protect themselves and their assets with our smart and reliable insurance and financial services. And we can’t wait to do it all again in 2019!

While we’ve been busy getting all of our clients prepared for the festive season we also made an exciting move to new premises in Melbourne. In addition to our Sydney head office, we’ve set up a new office in Docklands allowing us to better serve a wider community.


Is Your Business Ready for the Christmas Shut Down?




It’s not uncommon for businesses to close down of the Christmas and New Year period leaving offices, warehouses and factories vacant for an extended period of time. This can leave your business susceptible to risk, so there are a few things to consider if you want to be well prepared.

  • Are your security systems up-to-date and properly functioning? Check all locks, alarms and cameras are in working order.
  • Are valuables out of site and secure? Be sure not to leave anything of high value within easy site of windows. If possible, put items into a secure safe.
  • Have all electrical, gas and water systems been serviced to ensure they’re in working order? Malfunctioning systems can result in fires, floods or other costly damage.

You should also make sure that all of your insurance policies are up-to-date and the premiums have been paid. Many businesses make the mistake of forgetting to update their policies to include new equipment or stock, which means they are unprotected in the event of damage.

Our team of experts at Eternity Insurance Services can help you update or adjust your policies providing an in-depth assessment to ensure your business remains safe.


Reducing Risks in Your Home Over the Holidays

There’s a reason the end of year holidays is called the silly season! It’s important that while you and your family are enjoying the festivities, you’re aware of the increased potential risks.

Everything from your Christmas tree to candles, decorations, and the increase in the number of people in the house can contribute to an unsafe environment. Even going away for the season can leave your home susceptible to break-ins or unpredictable damage.

Save yourself stress by checking all of your electrical systems are in good working order and you’re not overloading power boards with Christmas lights and appliances. Address any overdue repairs around the home that could cause people to trip or further damage your property. You also need to be extra attentive to cleaning and making sure that the kitchen is as hazard-free as possible.

The best way to protect your home is with strategic home contents and home building insurance in place. Get in touch to talk through the options that best suit you and your family.


Wishing You A Prosperous New Year

On behalf of the entire Eternity Insurance Services we’d like to wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season and New Year! We’re looking forward to sharing our expertise with you in 2019 to set you and your business up for success.


Please visit our website or give our friendly team a call at (02) 9261 1571if you’d like to update your policies or have any questions.

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